When your staff does not get the recommended amount of sleep each night, they are more prone to workplace accidents and drastically reduced productivity levels. A worker sleeping less than 6 hours per night loses around 6 working days each year. Give your staff the tools to improve their wellness.

Provide the Sleep Wellness Program to your Employees


  • Lower healthcare costs
    • Reduce absenteeism and illness
    • Reduce risk of chronic medical problems, including stroke, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease
    • Decrease risk of burnout, depression, and anxiety
  • Improve safety
    • Increase alertness and decision making
    • Decrease workplace and driving accidents
  • Increase employee productivity and engagement
  • Higher staff morale and retention


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Admin Dashboard

Follow staff participation and progress.

Gain an overview of how your staff’s sleep wellness improves and view leaderboards. Reward staff who are active in the program.

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Make the program work for you.

Add your own branded resources to the library for a streamlined employee experience specific to your business needs.

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On-site Seminars

Available program add-on.

A sleep physician will discuss the risks of sleep deprivation, how to improve sleep habits, and more with your employees.

You can also view detailed benefits for participants of the Sleep Wellness Program, which would apply to your employees.

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