Millions of Americans have undiagnosed sleep disorders. The Welltrinsic Sleep Wellness Program connects participants with our Welltrinsic Physician Network.  As a network member, you will receive new patients directly from the Sleep Wellness Program.

Become a Part of the Physician Network

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Add to Your Practice

Participants in the Sleep Wellness Program complete sleep assessments, and those at risk for a sleep disorder are directed to a Physician Network board-certified sleep medicine physician in their area.

Be On The Cutting Edge

  • Join the movement to improve wellness through better sleep
  • Form new partnerships with local companies
  • Utilize web-based and wearable technologies to improve sleep and identify patients in need
  • Help develop and grow sleep telemedicine utilization


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New Patients

Participants are sent directly to you.

New patients will come to you based on a search for a nearby sleep medicine physician.

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Free to Join

There is no cost to join the network.

Leave complications behind –  begin offering sleep care to new patients quickly and easily.

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Specialized Care

Offer your expertise to those in need.

Receive patients who have been pre-screened and deemed at risk for a sleep disorder.

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Gain access to AASM SleepTM.

Provide care to participants who can’t make it into your office using new technologies.

Join the Physician Network today!

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