When you do not get 7 or more hours of sleep each night, you can expect reduced productivity and alertness. In addition, insufficient sleep increases the likelihood of other health problems, such as increased blood pressure and weight, heightened stress levels, depression and anxiety, and more.

An Introduction to the Sleep Wellness Program

Take Control and Improve Your Sleep

Welltrinsic wants everyone to have the knowledge and tools to better their sleep habits and improve their overall wellness. We provide you with targeted education designed by sleep professionals to ensure you achieve better sleep health. You will also receive individualized sleep tips on how to sleep better.


  • Be more productive, energetic, and alert
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and the risk of burnout
  • Decrease sick time and your risk for many chronic health problems
  • Make a positive impact on your long-term health


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Begin by completing our sleep surveys.

Gain awareness of your current sleep habits, as well as screen for many sleep disorders.

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Gain detailed sleep knowledge.

Learn about sleep, why it is important, and the effect poor sleep can have on you.

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Put what you’ve learned into action.

Use customized sleep instructions to adjust your habits over time to achieve your sleep goals.

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Further your sleep knowledge.

Additional videos, audio tapes, and articles are available to help you learn more about sleep.


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