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Sleep is one of the most essential parts of our daily life. Insufficient sleep is a widespread problem. Improving sleep quality will improve overall health and productivity. Welltrinsic has a sleep improvement program that will fit your needs.

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2019 Digital Innovators Award from EBN

Congratulations to Welltrinsic’s President and CEO, Dr. Lawrence Epstein, for his dedication to helping employers and employees engage with innovative healthcare technology. Dr. Epstein is the recipient of a 2019 Digital Innovators award for his work in creating the Welltrinsic Sleep Wellness Program. We’re proud to have our program highlighted, and look forward to transforming the future of healthcare benefits!

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The Impact of Insufficient Sleep

The U.S. economy loses up to $411B per year in sleep-related healthcare costs and lost productivity. ¹

More than 1/3 of U.S. adults are not getting the recommended amount of sleep. ²

On average, 1.2M working days are lost annually in the U.S. due to insufficient sleep, or 9.6M hours. ¹

Workers sleeping less than 7-9 hours each night are more likely to have an accident at work or become ill. ¹

Welltrinsic Can Help

How it Works

Welltrinsic is made up of two separate but equally important segments – the Sleep Wellness Program and the Physician Network.

The Welltrinsic Sleep Wellness Program provides employers the opportunity to offer their employees the tools and resources needed to become masters of their own sleep patterns, achieve better sleep, and unlock their full potential. Participants in the Program complete sleep assessments to better understand their sleep patterns, review educational materials to learn how to improve sleep, and receive personalized sleep coaching tips.

Participants identified by screening questionnaires as being at risk for a sleep disorder will be given information on how to see a board-certified sleep medicine physician who is part of the Welltrinsic Physician Network.

Sleep Wellness Program


Promote a healthier workforce.

Increase safety and boost productivity, improve company performance and enhance employee engagement. Make a positive impact on your employee’s long-term health and unlock their full potential.

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Take control of your sleep health.

Assess your current sleep habits and get guidance on improving your sleep to enhance your sleep health and feel your best. Healthy sleep, healthy life!

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Physician Network


Participants sent directly to you.

Wellness program participants are screened for risk of a sleep disorder and then referred directly to members of the Welltrinsic Physician Network. Join today!

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